My First Triathlon

My first Triathlon was defiantly a learning experience but a fun one. I decided to join the group of girls I had been training with and go the Louisville Sprint which is 750 meter swim, 20k bike and 5k run. Now before we went up there I had been swimming in the pool but only been in the lake once. For any of you who know what that first time in the lake is like then you will know that wow… I should of swim in the lake a few more times before heading to Louisville and swimming 750 meter swim in the Ohio River. Luckily it was wet-suit legal so I knew I wouldn’t drawn however the wet-suite is another battle of its own especially if you are not use to it.

We get up to the lake and we are all getting ready for race to begin and our age groups to start. I am a nervous wreck because it is my first race and I have not completed a full swim in the lake doing freestyle. My age group gets in the water and we can touch the bottom… talk about YUCK! Boom… off we start. I have my goggles on and I am ready to go and I take off with the group, I put my face in the water and take one maybe two strokes and realize nope this is not going to happen. I can feel my heart rate rising so I start to breast stroke. The lady next to me I can hear her freaking out and breathing hard, next thing I know she is unzipping her wet-suite to catch her breath. I realize I am not the only one who was not ready for the lake swim. Needless to say that was the longest swim of my life… so it seemed. I breaststroke and back stroked the whole way. I finished third to last in my age group to get out of that water. Thanks goodness for my wet-suite.

Next comes the bike and I had not yet been on the road on my bike (I know I am a real smart one). I also did not have shoes to clip in yet because that freaked me out and I also had not learned how to get my water bottle out while riding and not wreck. Therefore that means I would bike the 20k without grabbing my water or having my feet strapped in. That is okay though…. that is how I felt the safest. The biking was a lot of fun and everyone I passed I felt the urge to say, “you are doing great”. Something about being in this setting made me want to cheer everyone on. Then it came time for me to get off, and I had not done any bricks leading up to this. What is a brick you ask? A brick is where you ride your bike then follow it by a run to help train your legs to get use to bike then run format. As soon as I got off the bike I went straight to my knees… I couldn’t help but laugh.

Now comes the run… the one thing I assumed I would be good at. Getting your legs to work after a bike ride takes just a little bit of time but I finally got my legs a going. Luckily it was only 3 miles which is not to terrible bad. During the run I really had to pee and really wanted to be a true triathlete and thought to myself… just pee on your self Kayla and then you can welcome yourself into this crazy sport as real triathlete. Turns out peeing while running is a lot harder then I thought so it was not going to happen that day. I ended up finishing in 10th and completed my first sprint triathlon in 1:32.

I learned a lot from this event and the one thing I learned the most was you will never know what you can do until you go for it.



Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

So many people have asked me what got me started in Triathlons, so here is my story.

I am a former college golfer and have played some type of sport all my life. I love the idea of pushing myself to do things that I do not typically do. After college I got married and my husband introduced me into Crossfit which I love for so many reasons. I did Crossfit while we were in Chattanooga and pregnant with our first kid and all the way through our second pregnancy as well. I love the feeling of that type of fitness and how healthy I felt.

However, one thing to know about me is I love new things and I am do not want to be defined by one thing but many things. That being said another thing to know about me is I do not like TV shows… absolute hate the feeling of allowing myself to sit there and get consumed by a show that brings nothing good to my life but stress because I am wondering whats going to happen on next episode that does not come out for another week. Grrr I hate it.

On that note I started watching YouTube and finding motivational videos. One of the videos broI came across was showing some amazing people who had over come lots of different trials as were there competing in a Ironman. They had such motivational stories, like a blind man who had to be lead the whole time when racing, a women who just got out of prison and was a former alcoholic, a lady who lost her son, a guy with no legs… and the list goes on and and on with people who were defying the odds and doing such an amazing thing by being out there and doing a 2.4 mile swim, 116 mile bike and 26.2 mile run. You want to talk about motivational and uplifting, then go to youtube and see it for youself. If you do not cry or at least tear up then you need to check yourself for a pulse. Just watch this video “Wired Differently” and tell me you do not get the feels from this video.

As I am sitting there I thought to myself. What is my excuse? Why, am I not out there doing what they are doing? If these amazing people who have had to overcome such tough times and many different trials then why do I not go out there and join them on that journey. I am blessed to be healthy, have my legs and sight.. so I need to be out there with them doing this. So here I go on the journey to finding the race for me. I see them out there pushing through and I want what they have.

Now keep in mind I do not like water, I have never rode a rode bike and I have not ran longer then a mile in over 5 years. However, here I go doing research on women who tri and which Ironman would work best for me, especially with it being my first one I felt like I needed to do lots of research to find the right one. I found a group on facebook called “Women For Tri” and started reading all of their post and asking questions. This page is full of so many supportive women and so many great stories and resources. Please go and check it out if you have not already.

After researching and still not having a bathing suite, bike or went on any type of run I took the plunge and signed up for Augusta 70.3 (half Ironman). After doing all my research and asking lots of questions I figured this was the best place to start with half Ironman because of time and having 2 little kiddos. Next I need if I was going to succeed at this I needed to find a local training group and get going. I came across a local group in my area called HEAT (Hendersonville Endurance Athletic Training). I quickly joined them and it was not long before someone from the group reached out to me and asked me if I want to join them for a run. OMG!!! I was so nervous… I had not run in forever and she was wanting to run 4 miles at 6 am in the freezing cold. I had to get on amazon and order me to some extra layers asap. I did not want to say no because I was ready to get going on this new adventure of mine. So glad I have such a supportive husband. I met them that Sunday to run and I thought I was dying but I could not dare let that show to them and I finished the 4 miles and thought… Wow I am a dumb dumb! My body was so soar the next day and for days to come.

This was the beginning of my long journey and this is my why. I want to be a part of all those amazing people who push their-selves daily to be more and be better. To be out there competing in any type of Ironman you have to dig deep in yourself to find the time and the push to get through the long and intense training we have to do. I want my kids to see me and be like wow our mom is a Boss mom. I want them to see what it is like to work hard for something and to push through even on the days that you do not want to show up and the days that you think you cant. Because trust me when you are training for a Ironman, rather it a half or full there will be lots of days where you no longer want to do it and when you feel like you just can not keep going. Finding a group of people/ women for me to train with was key to my success.

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Get to know the Author

My name is Kayla and I am a daughter in Christ, Wife and mom to 2 beautiful kiddos. I live in the Nashville area and I love all things fitness. I am a realtor full time and a tri athlete on the side. I love to make people laugh and to motivate people to be their best selves. We all have a purpose here on earth and I believe mine is to help others. When I am not doing real estate or training for my next race I am at home playing with my kids. There is nothing I love more than a cuddle or tackle from them. I love spending time with my amazing supportive husband who supports all my crazy adventures.

If you are in to the enneagrams I am a 7 with a 3 wing. Which is so me… I am a optimistic person always and I am always pushing myself to try and do new things.